Online Learning

How online instruction is transforming education

onlineclassThousands of K-12 schools across the nation are turning to online-learning providers for help with credit recovery, enrichment opportunities for gifted students, and for providing core curriculum classes in areas where there isn’t enough demand to justify keeping a teacher on staff.

Online learning is also meeting a need for students who have trouble learning in a traditional school environment. What’s more, it’s a cost-effective way for schools to address all of these areas, which is an important consideration in the current economic climate.

Some challenges to online learning remain, such as outdated requirements that fund schools based on “seat time,” and concerns about the quality or accountability of online-learning programs. But as online learning grows in popularity among both teachers and students, it certainly is a viable and convenient option for many.

With the generous support of K12 Inc., we’ve assembled this collection of stories from our archives to help school leaders better understand the online-learning landscape—and how it’s transforming education as we know it.

–The Editors