Igniting and Sustaining STEM Education

beakersresizedAs the workplace changes and becomes increasingly global, today’s students must be educated with a 21st-century mindset. Science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills are no longer just “good skills” to have; they are increasingly vital to a 21st-century education—and students should begin cultivating these skills as early as possible.

Attracting students to the STEM disciplines is the first hurdle, and retaining student interest in these areas is the second. But once student interest in STEM-related fields is established, they will discover they are on a successful path not just for higher education, but for the workforce as well.

With the generous support of Learning.com, we’ve compiled this collection of stories from our archives, along with other relevant resources from around the web, to help you and your staff best answer this challenge in your own schools.

–The Editors