DULUTH, GA — Nov. 23, 2009 — As pioneers in educational technology, Texas schools have led the nation in integrating technology to increase the academic progress of students. With the launch of the latest version of the award-winning Classworks® instructional software for grades K-12 — Classworks Web Edition — Texas schools continue to blaze new trails, bringing to their classrooms 21st century tools that deliver research-proven content and raise achievement at all levels.


More than 200 Texas schools currently integrate Classworks into their math, reading, language arts and science curriculum to bring at-risk students to grade level proficiency, accelerate learning for mainstream students, and help English learners build fluency. Developed by Curriculum Advantage Inc., the comprehensive K-12 program offers educators more than 17,000 activities, drawn from 265 top software titles, to customize instruction and improve the performance of students.


This fall two additional Texas school districts, Denton Independent School District (ISD) and Longview ISD, plan to implement Classworks to establish consistency in their school technology implementations and improve student mastery of the state curriculum standards, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Both Denton ISD and Longview ISD will import students’ Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) scores into Classworks to create individualized learning paths for each student, based on his or her own scores. In addition, the districts will implement Classworks Language Learner Series to help English language learners (ELL) build fluency.


Denton ISD

In Denton ISD, one of the fastest growing school districts in north Texas, 20 elementary schools, six middle schools and one alternative school will implement Classworks during the 2009-10 school year. Each school will use the software to deliver individualized instruction in mathematics and language arts to all students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Goals for the implementation include increasing the number of students who achieve “Commended Performance” on the TAKS and actively monitoring student growth throughout the school year.


We were looking for a solution that would give us consistency in the implementation of technology across the school system and, at the same time, give us the opportunity to achieve equity in meeting all students’ needs,” said Dr. Mike Mattingly, assistant superintendent of curriculum, instruction and staff development for Denton ISD. “Classworks will allow us to provide a consistent solution to different schools with different needs, and to deliver the right content to all students whether they’re above, below or on grade level. It will also support teachers by providing them with a tool to easily differentiate instruction to improve student learning.”


Longview ISD

In Longview ISD, 10 elementary/primary schools, three middle schools and one high school will install Classworks this fall and students will begin working on software in January 2010. The district plans to use Classworks to supplement instruction in reading, language arts, math and science, and to help teachers track students’ mastery of skills. Longview will also implement the Preparing All Students for Success (PASS) Model, an instructional model for middle and high schools designed to identify struggling students and help students reach graduation, using Classworks.


“We’re always looking for better ways to increase student achievement,” said Micah Lewis, deputy superintendent for campus accountability for Longview ISD. “In our district, we had 14 campuses that weren’t as consistent as we wanted them to be with software offerings to supplement instruction. We were looking for a research-based solution that could run throughout the district and address the needs of all students. Classworks does this. If students are not where they need to be, Classworks will help them get there. For those on the other end of spectrum who need to be challenged, Classworks will challenge them to go further.”


About Curriculum Advantage
Curriculum Advantage Inc. (www.curriculumadvantage.com) is the developer of the award-winning Classworks® system of K-12 reading and mathematics instruction and learning tools. Available as a web-based or networked solution, Classworks’ activities are correlated to national and state learning standards and state tests, and include prescriptive and summative assessment, remediation and reporting tools. Classworks Language Learner Series addresses English as Second Language learning with content that focuses on auditory, visual and tactile/kinesthetic components.