SunGard Higher Education’s Strategic Services Help Missouri State University Implement On Time and On Budget

MALVERN, Pa., December 10, 2009 – Strong institutional strategic planning backed by an experienced University staff and complemented by professional services from SunGard Higher Education helped Missouri State University implement a broad portfolio of SunGard solutions on time and on budget. The University has implemented the complete Banner administrative system, Luminis Platform, Banner Document Management Suite, Banner Operational Data Store and Banner Enterprise Data Warehouse.

“Anticipation of changes in process and culture that occur when implementing a new and integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system can cause considerable anxiety throughout the campus community,” said Kent Thomas, co-project manager of the ERP implementation at the University. “By delivering an on-time, on-budget implementation, we fostered confidence, support and active engagement from the campus community. This will help lead to quicker adoption of our new business processes and a stronger return on our investment.”
Although Missouri State University has a strong culture of strategic planning, it sought outside perspective from SunGard Higher Education through its UDC Strategy & Assessment Service prior to implementing the Banner Unified Digital Campus. The service is designed to assess the administrative processes, academic environment, data and integration priorities that will best help an institution to achieve its digital campus vision. The service maps strategic goals to institutional objectives, and links those goals and objectives to specific digital campus initiatives. The initiatives are then mapped to the institution’s technology services, functions, applications and the infrastructure required to enable them. At the core of the planning process is the enterprise architecture methodology which relates business activities, strategies and priorities directly to the IT infrastructure that is required to support it.
“Anytime you make a change as significant as implementing an ERP system, you must seriously rethink how all the people, processes and technologies fit together to support your institutional mission,” said Jeff Morrissey, CIO and co-project manager of the ERP implementation at Missouri State University. “SunGard Higher Education’s strategic planning process reinforced initial implementation plans and helped identify potential pitfalls early on so that we could address them in advance.”
To further assist with the successful implementation the University also contracted with SunGard to provide an on-site project manager.  “Our SunGard project manager was critical to our success,” said Mr. Morrissey. “Her experience with other implementations and ability to access additional resources at SunGard were invaluable.”
Other factors identified by Missouri State University as critical to their successful implementation include:
·         Strong support from University president, Dr. Michael T. Nietzel.
·         Consensus from administration and campus community to implement an ERP.
·         Strong culture of strategic planning and execution.
·         Collaboration and active participation of functional and technical personnel throughout the campus community.
·         Well-developed training program and associated support services. 
“Missouri State is very savvy in recognizing and preparing for the far-reaching changes in culture and processes that are inherent when implementing a new ERP system,” said Brad Rucker, senior vice president of services at SunGard Higher Education. “Their planning investment will continue to benefit them as they expand their digital campus and leverage it more fully.”
About Missouri State University
Located in Springfield Missouri, Missouri State University is a public, comprehensive university system with a mission in public affairs, whose purpose is to develop educated persons while achieving five goals: democratizing society, incubating new ideas, imagining Missouri’s future, making Missouri’s future, and modeling ethical and effective behavior. The University’s identity is distinguished by its statewide mission in public affairs, requiring a campus-wide commitment to foster competence and responsibility in the common vocation of citizenship. The academic experience is grounded in a general education curriculum which draws heavily from the liberal arts and sciences. This foundation provides the basis for mastery of disciplinary and professional studies. It also provides essential forums in which students develop the capacity to make well-informed, independent critical judgments about the cultures, values, and institutions in society.
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