Convert Lotus Notes Encrypted NSF Emails – An Added Feature Now

Spain, December 10, 2009 – First people knew about emails, which was a brilliant technological advancement as it brought with it ease and quickness in communication. Then people came to know of email management applications, which again are another brilliant technological advancement as they have brought with them ease and quickness in managing emails. Today, there are many email clients like Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express etc are meant to manage emails better. Because of different features in each email program, people have been changing their preferences every now and then and thus switch from one email client to other. This had created a need of transferring email information from the previous application to the newer email client. A need to convert Lotus Notes NSF items to MS Outlook PST format is also very common. SysTools Group has been serving the people for many data related needs by their simple and intuitive software products. Many people around the world have been using SysTools Export Notes to convert Lotus Notes NSF to PST.  


The company (SysTools) persistently adds new and advanced features to all its tools acknowledging the requirements of users. Every software of SysTools keeps coming in the newer versions. New versions have new features. Export Notes has also been coming in newer version with newer features. One of the latest added features in SysTools Export Notes software is the facility to Convert Lotus Notes encrypted NSF emails also. This feature will be greatly helpful to forensic experts in their investigation and also to the users requiring Lotus Notes conversion of encrypted NSF emails.


Lotus Notes migration of Encryption NSF emails would imply that it would now be possible to convert Notes email data into a code for safety using encryption algorithm. In the earlier Export Notes versions, only the facility to convert encrypted NSF files was provided. SysTools acknowledged the demands of customers needing to convert Lotus Notes encrypted NSF emails and progressively worked towards incorporating this facility in the newer versions.


Delightful information for the software users is that SysTools Export Notes latest version 7.6 has the new feature (facility to convert Lotus Notes encrypted NSF emails to Outlook) along with all the previous features. Features present before include – software’s ability to conserve metadata while conversion; ability to convert all Notes items (including emails, calendar, to-do list, address book, journals etc) to PST without altering any information; and capability of the tool to convert Lotus Notes NSF files created using Notes 5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 8.5. These and other features present in the previous versions are also included in the latest 7.6 version of Export Notes software along with the newer feature of encrypted NSF emails conversion from Notes to Outlook. Additional information pleasing the users is that the latest version 7.6 of the software is available at the same price as before i.e. at $250 (Personal License) and $500 (Business License).