Wondershare Launches Quiz Management System 3.2 for Quiz Creator Users

Shenzhen, China, Dec.7 – Wondershare, the professional developer of e-Learning authoring tools, today unveils Quiz Management System (QMS) 3.2, which is an easy-to-use quiz results reporting and tracking system for QuizCreator which helps teachers, instructors, and trainers to track how students, employees, customers, and prospects perform in their assessments.

QMS 3.2 is added with two powerful and easy-to-use features for QuizCreator users: E-mail notification and quiz results filtering. Users can set E-mail notification when you add quizzes or delete quizzes, quiz expires, or quiz results are submitted. The quiz results filtering feature lets users filter the quiz results with different conditions according to different needs.

The online quiz results reporting and tracking system QMS works in conjunction with latest Wondershare QuizCreator 3.1, a quiz maker software application that enables teachers, instructors, and trainers to create interactive quizzes, tests and exams. With QMS, they can now track all quiz or test results directly, view overall statistics and all results in details effortlessly without any troubles. No other manual marking work or complex programming skills required.

Major features of Quiz Management System allow users to: ?

  • Host Flash quizzes on Wondershare Web server. It saves a lot of time and money to buy Web hosting service. ?
  • Get clear, insightful quiz results reports by 6 ways. These 6 reporting ways include: scores of participants by quiz, scores of Individual participant, scores of participants by group, answer to quiz, choices of questions by quiz, and numbers of quizzes for all publishers. ?
  • Organize users effectively through grouping feature. QMS allows users to organize students into different groups for easy permission setting and focused results reporting. ?
  • Set access control to quizzes. ?
  • Share quizzes more flexibly with 3 ways. Such as spreading simple copy-and-paste the quiz link, sending e-mail invitations to specified users or groups, or embedding the Flash quizzes on any Web pages with the embedded codes. ?
  • Export quiz results to Excel, PDF, and CSV. ?
  • Create and issue the certificates to quiz takers with a passing grade.

"More and more users are now using our QMS service to track and analyze quiz results. In view of this situation, we have upgraded our server to make it run more stable and secure for our users. Simultaneously, more developers are now dedicated into the development of QMS," said Mike Wu, product manager of QuizCreator at Wondershare E-Learning Divsion. "In the next few months, we will add more powerful reporting and analyzing features to QMS. Furthermore, in order to meet more users’ needs, we will release stand-alone Quiz Management System in next month."

Pricing and Availability
Wondershare Quiz Management System service is available from $99 per year to $399 per year according to different numbers of participants. You can choose the proper license to meet your demand. New Quiz Management System users can get a 30-day free trial before they pay for the quiz management service. Here is the detailed pricing of online Quiz Management System: http://www.quiz-creator.com/buy/quiz-creator-buy.html#qms
For more info on Quiz Management System 3.1, please refer to the product page:

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