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The partners at invite you to be part of our exclusive beta period which begins in early 2010.

Coursefeeds is a social learning system that’s unlike anything currently available to schools. While other LMS’s claim to be "easy to learn and easy to use", I can assure you that our system is easier. Once a teacher is registered and logged in, it takes only 1-click to publish information to students, colleagues or teachers.

In the coming months we hope also to add an API for third party applications that can be used on the platform in order to provide a more robust learning environment (including, but not limited to, grade books, quizzes, advanced assignment types, surveys and other tools). Accounts on the flagship application will always be free for students and teachers (however we do plan to offer a "pro"/paid type account providing additional features which will help to subsidize the free level of usage). Additionally we’ll be offering the platform as a paid, closed solution for schools who desire greater control and security.

With your help and participation we hope to build the first social learning system that’s designed and molded by input from the users.

Please visit to sign up. Your beta invitation will be released as soon as we’re ready. Additionally, please help us publicize using your blog or twitter account. We’d like any interested educators to be part of our beta user base.


Joseph Thibault
Partner, is funded privately and currently is burning less than 100 dollars a month in operating costs (not including time and effort). It is our mission to provide a self-sufficient and valuable web application for education. For more questions about funding please contact us.
Visit to sign up.  Go to for more information