Sniffles, Coughs & Fevers Are A Teacher’s Worst Enemy; Avoid Sick Days By Disinfecting Classroom Items With The High-Tech Cleaning Compound Cyber Clean

Sick days aren’t just for children; the spread of disease affects teachers and staff members throughout the school year as well. Fingers transfer all kinds of gunk and germs onto items such as the classroom calculator. Every classroom can eliminate the spread of disease and dirt with the high-tech cleaning compound Cyber Clean® Home and Office.

Although a small accessory to any classroom, calculators carry the most germs as they are used constantly by many people and are often overlooked as a must-clean item. Residue from outdoor recess and food throughout the day builds up in between buttons where most traditional cleaners cannot reach.

“The simple thing to do is take a wet rag and wipe down the desks in a classroom, but then that leaves the essential items like a calculator untouched,” said Alan Sutton, CEO, Cyber Clean Americas. “A calculator has small nooks and crannies that only Cyber Clean can mold into eliminating crumbs, dirt and grime that are stuck in between and under buttons.”

The process is simple and fast. Once the Cyber Clean product has been removed from the package it will need to be rolled in your hands to make the compound easier to mold. This action provides the best results. Place the Cyber Clean compound on top of the calculator and press down firmly or lightly depending on how far down the dirt is between the keys. Pull back in one motion and Cyber Clean will have trapped all the dust and lint in the compound.

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Cyber Clean is cost-efficient, environmentally-sound and is now widely available in the North & South American markets.

Cyber Clean can be purchased worldwide in 50 Countries. Cyber Clean has recently been introduced in the United States, Canada, and Australia and can be found already in retail stores in North America such as, Office Depot, Ace Hardware, Hastings, Zellers, Wal-mart Canada, Canadian Tire, Giant Eagle, Loblaws, Fingerhut, RadioShack, The Home Shopping Network, The Shopping Channel,, Bed Bath & Beyond and The Container Store.

About Cyber Clean Americas
Headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Cyber Clean Americas is the Exclusive Partner and Licensee for sales, marketing and distribution of Cyber Clean technology cleaning products of Kerzers, Switzerland-based Joker AG.
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