National Show-and-Tell Contest Winner Awarded with $30,000 in Classroom Sound Technology


 PETALUMA, Calif. – December 3, 2009 – Classrooms all across North America have been trying the new FrontRow student pass-around microphone (a kind of 21st century “talking-stick”) in the past few months as part of a special video contest, awarding one lucky school in both the USA and Canada with thousands of dollars worth of audio equipment.

To enter, teachers submitted videos of their class using the 21st century “talking-stick” during their Show-and-Tell presentations, mathematics & reading lessons, and music sessions. After reviewing numerous creative submissions, the winner was determined by demonstrating the best use of the microphone and its impact in the classroom. The winning video fantastically illustrated how the 21st century “talking-stick” engages audiences that have lost focus, motivates unmotivated presenters, impacts phonemic awareness and differentiation vital to literacy, and increases student participation. The powerful submission from Lisa Meneghin, grade two teacher at Westwood Elementary School, also highlighted how her class uses the microphone to create an interactive and engaging learning environment for all children, including one student with autism.
“As I teach my students new word patterns and phonemes, lessons can be perceived as somewhat boring and repetitive,” said Meneghin. “But with the new student microphone, the kids have become highly motivated and excited to learn. It has also been a great asset for an autistic student in my classroom, as I’ve noticed his ability to produce work has soared. His learning has been positively enhanced with the incredible sound clarity that the entire system provides”. To see Meneghin’s impactful video, please visit:
As part of the grand prize, the winning school is set to receive 12 complete FrontRow Pro Digital systems with both teacher and student microphones, IR speakers and drop-in chargers. Installed with the support of FrontRow authorized reseller, Sehi Computer Products, these systems will help outfit Westwood Elementary so that more classrooms can experience the same exciting benefits. Additionally, the winning classroom will receive a gift certificate to help purchase books and supplies for the room.
To see the complete contest entries and more, please visit:
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