Ginger Software Appoints Dr. Brian Friedlander to Scientific Advisory Board

LEXINGTON, MASS. (Dec. 3, 2009) – Ginger Software, Inc., the leader in spelling and grammar correction, announces the appointment of Dr. Brian Friedlander to its Scientific Advisory Board.  A well-known expert on assistive technology, Dr. Friedlander’s experience will be an asset to the company, which enables students to improve their written communication through Ginger, a context-based text correction tool.  Dr. Friedlander joins Scientific Advisory Board members Dr. Marshall Raskind and Dr. Gilda Palti, longtime experts in the field of learning disabilities.

Ginger appears to be particularly effective in helping students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, or English language learners.  “Assistive technology, such as Ginger, levels the playing field for students with disabilities,” said Dr. Friedlander.  “More importantly, these tools provide students with self-confidence, knowing that they can do the same tasks as everyone else.  This ‘I can do’ attitude is essential in helping students maintain their self-esteem and succeed at school.”

Dr. Friedlander has been involved in the field of special education for more than 25 years.  A licensed and certified school psychologist, Dr. Friedlander began his career assisting students with a wide range of disabilities.  He is now a full-time professor, directing the Graduate Programs in Special Education and teaching graduate courses in assistive technology at the College of St. Elizabeth in Morristown, New Jersey.

“Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our Scientific Advisory Board,” said Yael Karov, founder and CEO of Ginger Software.  “His passion for the application of assistive technology in schools supports our efforts to provide all students, especially those with learning difficulties, the opportunity to write confidently and independently in a positive environment.”

In addition to serving on the Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Friedlander has been invited to share his thoughts regarding assistive technology on the Ginger Software blog.  Dr. Friedlander will be exploring various assistive technologies and sharing new developments in the field.  To view the company’s blog, visit

Ginger corrects misused words, grammar and spelling mistakes in Microsoft Word and Outlook, as well as Internet Explorer.  Unlike other spell checkers, Ginger corrects multiple mistakes within a sentence simultaneously, allowing students to check their work one sentence at a time. Ginger provides carefully selected alternatives with a sample expression, so the student can consider the differences and make an informed choice.
“When I first came across Ginger last spring, I was struck by the quality of the text correction and the innovation I saw,” said Dr. Friedlander.  “Ginger enables students to write their ideas down without stopping to check their spelling, which encourages the development of fluent writing skills.  Other assistive technology offerings have a tendency to stop the flow of writing.  Students become more focused on corrections than expressing their ideas through writing.”

Ginger Premium offers the same features as Ginger, plus text-to-speech and progress reporting.  Text-to-speech enables students to hear sentences before and after correction, as well as alternative corrections and their definitions.  Reports contain statistical analysis of the most frequent errors, and list mistakes by type, including faulty spelling, misused words or grammar errors, as well as words that are repeatedly misspelled.

Ginger and Ginger Premium are both offered through an annual subscription, which includes updates and upgrades released during that period.  School subscriptions start at $145 for three workstations, with volume and multiple year subscription discounts available.

To download a free trial of Ginger or Ginger Premium, visit

About Ginger Software, Inc.
Ginger Software empowers students to dramatically improve their written communication.  The company offers automatic error correction through Ginger, a downloadable software program that corrects misused words, grammar and spelling mistakes based on the context of each sentence.  Additional functionality is available through Ginger Premium, which includes text-to-speech and progress reporting.  Founded in 2007, Ginger Software is a global company with offices in Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom.  For more information, visit

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