Thirty-seven students at the Delaware County Technical School in Aston, Pa., are enrolled in a new network systems program that offers a concentration in the exploding field of computer forensics, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer. Part CSI, part information technology, the curriculum prepares students for the rapidly growing field of digital forensics–gathering, preserving, and investigating evidence stored on any digital device. "It is a hot topic," said Dave Tatum, vocational network instructor at the Aston campus. Students there acquire a foundation in network administration and technology through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on classes. During the two-year program, they will learn to build a small computer network from the ground up. They also will learn about the new laws governing electronic discovery. Half their school day is spent at the high school in their home districts, the other half at the Aston campus. "If these kids stick with it, they will have a hell of a career," said Nancy White of the Computer Forensics Analysis and Training Center in Sharon Hill, Pa., who teamed up with the Aston school to help develop the program’s curriculum. "It is a long process, but it is a great and exciting new field within information technology." With criminals finding more ways to exploit technology, computer forensics touches every crime the FBI handles, said J.P. McDonald, director of the FBI’s Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory in Radnor…

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