Red Condor Maintains a Watchful Eye Against Phishing Attacks for Dominican University

Rohnert Park, Calif. – December 1, 2009 – As a result of significant phishing attacks in the spring of 2009, Dominican University was blacklisted by several major email providers, including MSN, Yahoo and Hotmail. The attack forced the university’s IT department to constantly monitor its email queues to determine which accounts were being spoofed, while the multiple attacks frustrated efforts to clean the university’s domain. In an effort to prevent further attacks from happening and eliminate the need to constantly “tweak” its spam filter, Dominican University turned to Red Condor. A case study on Dominican University is available on


Don Ralis, associate director of information technology for Dominican University commented, “We felt like we were playing ‘whack-a-mole’ with spam. Just when we thought we had the right filtering rules in place, more spam would make it past the filter. We were annoyed that we could not do anything to improve the spam block rate or put controls on our outbound activity. We had already spent hours trying to get off the email black lists and were constantly monitoring our Exchange queues to identify additional hijacked accounts.”


Ralis continued, “From our initial evaluation, Red Condor seemed like it was a superior product. It has made our jobs easier, and we no longer have to pay constant attention to our email filtering, since we know it works.”


“As a result of the performance and pricing of our MAG appliances and hosted service, we are seeing tremendous interest within the higher education market,” stated Dr. Tom Steding, chief executive officer of Red Condor. “The more we work with colleges and universities, the more we understand their need for user-friendly, fully managed solutions that simply perform as advertised. Our products and services were designed to meet their needs, and we value our network of college and university customers that continue to share their positive experiences with their peers.”


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