A quirk in Google’s Gmail system that identifies heavy loads of mail from one source as spam again afflicted Harvard users over Thanksgiving weekend, reports the Harvard Law Record. For the second time this year, the Google spam flag appeared to cause significant delays in eMail delivery for users on the Harvard Law School (HLS) and Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences networks whose Harvard eMail accounts forward to Google’s eMail service, and for Gmail users waiting for eMails from the Harvard network, according to Jason Fuller, Harvard Law School’s manager of technology support services. The nature of the problem meant that HLS technicians could not send an eMail to the HLS community, for fear of making the problem worse. News of the issue spread through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook before it was resolved on Sunday afternoon. The same problem afflicted Harvard for a much longer period of time during the first week of October. "This is indeed a frustrating situation, because we have no direct control" over Google’s software, Fuller said. "We want our students’ eMail infrastructure to work reliably." The issue requires HLS’ technology team to work directly with Google to ensure that eMails sent from its system are not really spam…

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