Turnitin WriteCycle Adopted by Milwaukee Public Schools

OAKLAND, Calif., Dec. 1 /PRNewswire/ — iParadigms, the leader in originality checking and plagiarism prevention, announced that its Turnitin WriteCycle solution has been adopted by the Milwaukee School District. WriteCycle’s web-based writing management tools will play an important role in Milwaukee’s efforts to integrate writing across its high-school curricula.

"WriteCycle will help our teachers implement best practices in writing instruction while saving significant time and effort," said Patrice Ball, head of writing curriculum for Milwaukee’s public schools. "That’s a critical objective for a writing-intensive district like ours. While No Child Left Behind does not address writing specifically, we see writing as one of the core literacies, along with reading and math. We believe all students need writing skills–not just college-bound kids."

Ball added that Milwaukee’s decision to adopt WriteCycle was driven by the teachers themselves: "A number of teachers had been using it for a while and recommended that it be adopted for all students to help them develop crucial 21st-century skills."

"There’s a growing commitment among educators nationwide to improving students’ writing abilities," said Chris Caren, iParadigms’ president and CEO. "WriteCycle’s web-based writing management environment provides an extremely cost- and time-effective way to enhance writing instruction without further burdening overworked teachers."

WriteCycle’s software tools greatly simplify the traditionally labor-intensive process of creating, managing and commenting on writing assignments. WriteCycle components include Turnitin originality checking and plagiarism prevention, PeerMark peer reviewing tools and GradeMark paperless markup and grading tools.

Ball notes that Milwaukee’s evaluators found WriteCycle extremely easy to learn and to use. "That was a key criterion, since we get hundreds of new teachers each year due to turnover, and there’s little time to master new technologies."

The multi-year agreement between iParadigms and the Milwaukee School District came as part of an "electronic resource" requirement for a new textbook adoption process in English and Language Arts for the district. The school district will make WriteCycle available to teachers across a full range of subject areas. Some schools have begun using WriteCycle this year and full deployment will take place next year. The district has nearly 60 high schools and more than 11,000 eleventh and twelfth grade students who are the focus of such career-and-college readiness activities.  

"We look forward to working with other districts–and states and countries–on similarly broad-reaching initiatives to improve students’ writing." said iParadigms CEO Caren. "Large-scale adoptions of Turnitin and WriteCycle deliver substantial cost savings to districts and offer the best potential results, based on multi-year studies of Turnitin’s effectiveness."

About iParadigms LLC
iParadigms LLC is the leader in textual intellectual property protection and a pioneer of web-based services for collaborative, online educational support. The company’s award-winning WriteCycle product suite includes Turnitin, the leading originality checking and plagiarism prevention service used by millions of students and faculty and thousands of institutions in more than 100 countries.