Dell runs netbook on customized Chromium OS

Dell has unleashed an experimental version of Google’s Chromium OS that runs on the PC maker’s Inspiron Mini 10v netbook. Chromium, released earlier this month, is Google’s open-source version of the Chrome OS based on the Linux kernel and aimed at netbooks, reports. Though the final product isn’t expected to hit the netbook market until next year’s holiday shopping season, Google decided to make the source code available to anyone wishing to create their own customized version of the Chromium OS. Taking up the challenge, Doug Anson, Dell’s Linux technology strategist, modified the code so the fledgling OS wirelessly accesses the Internet on Dell’s Mini 10v. "Without a network connection, Chromium OS is not very interesting," Anson wrote in a recent blog. "With a network connection, Chromium OS shines." Chromium OS is a small, optimized operating system whose purpose is to make it extremely simple and easy to browse the web, Anson noted. "Boot time appears quick, too — about 12 seconds from hitting the power button," Anson wrote.

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