Weidenhammer Introduces IT Disaster Recovery Product

Wyomissing, Pa., November 30, 2009 Weidenhammer, a provider of IT consulting services and solutions, is launching vRescue which is an IT disaster recovery service that allows organizations and school districts to rapidly restore business continuity of critical applications and data.
Recognizing the need for an affordable and effective disaster recovery solution, Weidenhammer, has launched a service geared for the unique needs of small to medium sized businesses (SMB).
"Disaster recovery solutions have traditionally been too expensive or resource intensive for our clients to consider viable," said John Weidenhammer, CEO, Weidenhammer. "With vRescue, we offer a fully managed service that is cost effective and ensures business continuity of mission critical systems in the event of an emergency or system outage."
Simply stated, vRescue provides a fully managed backup and recovery strategy for mission critical server applications that assures availability of working systems in minutes rather than days. Leveraging the power of the Internet and virtualization technology, vRescue provides remote backup of mission critical applications and data to virtualized servers in a secured, 24/7 data center. By performing daily testing and validation of systems and applications, vRescue ensures quick and efficient recovery in the event of a disaster or equipment failure. Client notification at any hour of the day initiates the vRescue recovery process, bringing an application on-line and available to end users at a moments notice. 

"Companies can rest assured knowing that a fully-tested and up-to-date version of their mission critical application resides in one of Weidenhammer’s secure, enterprise data centers – ready to be recovered for operations quickly and efficiently," said Rick Finley, director of operations for vRescue, Weidenhammer.

vRescue utilizes a unique server virtualization technology that provides for efficient backup, automated testing and validation, and rapid recovery. This eliminates the cost and complexity traditionally associated with disaster recovery support, dedicated hardware, and expensive communication lines. Weidenhammer partners with Plan B to offer the vRescue service to customers. Plan B is a U.K.-based company, specializing in disaster recovery solutions, that provides industry recognized technology for remote backup and automated testing of virtualized server applications.
"Considering the low cost of entry and monthly support fees relative to achieving an effective business continuity strategy for core systems and applications, vRescue offers tremendous savings in terms of avoiding the business and financial impact of down time and lost information." said Charles G. Zwicker, sales manager, Weidenhammer. "vRescue makes disaster recovery affordable and easy to implement."

About Weidenhammer
Founded in 1978, Weidenhammer is an information technology firm providing innovative products and services that is celebrating 30 years of information ingenuity. Weidenhammer specializes in working with organizations to use information technology as a strategic tool for education administration, government, and diverse business industries.

With nearly 200 IT professionals in seven locations, Weidenhammer confronts one of the most critical and complex resources of business administration: information. Weidenhammer provides consulting expertise in the areas of Strategic Planning, Business Process Improvement, Application Development, Network Infrastructure, and Application Hosting. The Managed Services and Infrastructure Solutions Group supports a large client base through network and communications services and solutions that lower the cost and improve performance of IT infrastructures.
At the core of Weidenhammer’s approach to serving clients is a focus on achieving and maintaining the highest degree of alignment between clients’ business strategies and the appropriate application for information technology. To learn more, please visit www.hammer.net. 

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