Historic manuscripts by Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and other groundbreaking scientists will be published online for the first time, AFP reports. The Royal Society, the world’s oldest scientific institution, will release famous literature on the web that it has published in its journals over the centuries as part of celebrations to mark its 350th anniversary. The works include a 1770 scientific study confirming that composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a genius and, more recently, acclaimed scientist Stephen Hawking’s early writings on black holes. Called Trailblazing, the interactive site contains 60 articles chosen from among the 60,000 that have appeared in the Royal Society’s journals. Other works to be published on the site include Newton’s theory on light and colors and a paper by Benjamin Franklin, describing his experiment to prove that lightning is electricity rather than a supernatural force. Britain’s Royal Society, which supports young scientists and influences scientific debate, started out as a college of thinkers who met to discuss the ideas of the philosopher and scientist Sir Francis Bacon in 1660…

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