Pearson’s Project Tapestry Delivers on Potential of Personalized Learning by Integrating Content with Data and Analytics to Impact Student Achievement

New York, NY – November 11, 2009 – Pearson, a global leader in education, technology and services, today unveiled the early successes of Project Tapestry – the first connected learning environment of its kind, built specifically for K-12 education. The successes of two districts in particular – Plainedge School District in Massapequa, NY and Independence School District in Independence, MO – are chronicled in a video news release available at:


Introduced earlier this year, Project Tapestry is the product of Pearson’s close collaboration with more than 500 key education partners to align a new learning platform with specific K-12 education needs. The result is a fully integrated, open, web-based system that allows educators to “connect the dots” between data, analytics, content and curriculum. With Project Tapestry, educators can view student-level data and make real-time adjustments within the classroom to positively impact achievement on a daily basis.


“Project Tapestry is a tremendous step forward for personalized learning,” said Ron Rheinheimer, Vice President at Pearson. “We began gathering customer feedback and looking at possible technology solutions over two years ago. Today, thanks to those efforts, Project Tapestry exists as an ongoing success story in several districts, including the Plainedge and Independence School Districts featured in our new customer video. Through the use of Project Tapestry, school districts nationwide are experiencing an immediate, positive impact, both inside and outside of the classroom.”


Project Tapestry meets the current and future needs of K-12 schools and districts moving towards individualized curriculum plans and one-to-one education. “I use Project Tapestry as an adjunct to the classroom. One of the nightmares that we have in public education is that you often have 29 students and 29 minutes. How do you differentiate instruction? It’s difficult to do in a regular classroom period,” said David Schutz, Honors Biology/Engineering Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator at Plainedge School District. “By making all kinds of different content and materials available on Project Tapestry to the different groups of students I have in a class, I can provide personalized instruction outside the classroom to supplement what we’re doing inside the classroom.”


Key to Project Tapestry’s success is its open platform that seamlessly integrates with a district’s student information systems and provides all information through a single point of access, making it easier for educators to evaluate and address student performance.


Additionally, Project Tapestry is based on existing industry standards to ensure seamless integration with a school or district’s existing investments in technology and content. Project Tapestry maximizes these investments and makes it even easier for stakeholders to take advantage of these resources.


“We started using Project Tapestry as a way to take the temperature of our assessments and identifying where our students are on a short-term basis. We have a lot of data in our district. We’ve enjoyed using this data, but before Project Tapestry we didn’t have a way to take small, incremental snapshots of where are students were performing and where they weren’t performing,” said Beth Savidge, Assistant Superintendent, Independence School District. “Project Tapestry will expand our technology use, as well as our assessment use in a variety of ways. Not only will we use Project Tapestry as a way to track data, students and assessment information, but also to connect with and assess students who may have been previously overwhelmed by traditional paper and pencil assessments.”


Furthermore, Project Tapestry embraces everyone involved in the education process:

·       Superintendents can identify and measure student performance across classrooms, across the district, and across the state, enabling quick action to improve outcomes and report progress.

·       Principals benefit from immediate visibility into student performance data, enabling school leaders to continually improve outcomes.

·       Administrators realize increased efficiencies and an easy-to-use interface that requires little internal resources, creating more time to focus on district and school performance while maximizing their existing technology investments.

·       Teachers gain immediate access student performance results and the ability to make necessary adjustments to provide relevant, personalized learning experiences to enhance the success of every student.

·       Students are able to track their own progress through online access to coursework, exams and results.

·       Parents benefit from immediate and ongoing insight into student performance and enhanced communication and collaboration with teachers.


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