Already, the yearbook staff at Miami Palmetto Senior High had snapped more than 3,000 photographs, capturing key football games, pep rallies, and the Homecoming dance. But on Nov. 20, someone entered the second-story yearbook room through a window, stealing $18,000 in computers and accessories. Stored on those machines: all the staff’s work for the 2010 yearbook, reports the Miami Herald. ‘My heart just sank,’ said senior Dominic Bisceglia, the yearbook’s editor-in-chief. ‘We had done so much work, and all of it was lost.’ The teens did all of their work on the eight iMacs in the yearbook room — computers their predecessors had purchased through fundraising efforts. Already, they had more than 100 pages of the yearbook nearly finished. But they hadn’t backed up their work. The students were confident they could recover the photographs and layouts in the event of a computer crashed, but they never anticipated a break-in. The school district is working to replace the computers, and district officials will increase security at the school. In the meantime, students at South Dade Senior High and Design and Architecture Senior High have offered to lend Palmetto some of their equipment, and Palmetto students have started brainstorming how they can salvage the yearbook…

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