Oregon Adopts Living By Chemistry from Key Curriculum Press

Emeryville, Calif. (Nov. 23, 2009) – The Oregon State Board of Education approved Living By Chemistry for adoption as part of its K-12 Science Instructional Materials Evaluation Process.  Published by Key Curriculum Press, Living By Chemistry is a rigorous, full-year high school curriculum that helps students make connections between chemistry and the world around them.

Living By Chemistry presents scientific ideas in real-life contexts, a strategy that captures students’ interest and helps them retain information by connecting new ideas to their existing knowledge.  The curriculum encourages students to think like scientists, using an investigative approach that motivates them and shows them the importance of what they’re learning.

“Living By Chemistry is a research-based curriculum that supports various types of learners,” said Dr. Angelica Stacy, author of Living By Chemistry and Professor of Chemistry at University of California at Berkeley.  “The lessons address different modes of learning and include visual information to support English language learners, interactive experiences for students to build their own understanding, and reading and problem solving.”

Content-rich and highly accessible, Living By Chemistry offers an interactive learning experience for students, involving card games, labs, concept illustrations, and group discussions.  Instead of asking students simply to memorize symbols and terms, Living By Chemistry uses activities to help students comprehend key chemistry concepts.

“With Living By Chemistry, my students’ engagement levels have increased and they have become more excited about chemistry,” said Nikki Fajtak, teacher at Mt. Lebanon High School in Pennsylvania.  “This curriculum has truly eliminated their fear of the subject and helped them to believe that they can be successful at chemistry.”

Developed as a National Science Foundation project, Living By Chemistry is aligned to the Benchmarks for Scientific Literacy, the National Science Educational Standards, and the National Physical Science Standards.

For more information, including sample chapters and an online preview of Living By Chemistry, visit www.keypress.com/chemistry.
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