CDI Announces Perpetual One-To-One Initiative


CDI, North America’s largest supplier of recertified, brand name computers to the educational market, now provides Schools with a set-annuity technology solution that is perpetual and care-free:  PERPETUAL ONE-TO-ONE INITIATIVE (POTO). This initiative dramatically lowers technology costs, provides seamless guaranteed replacement rotation for the equipment while maintaining or improving their computer-to-student ratio.


This new benchmark initiative continues to expand the number of alternative technology solutions available in the CDI book of offerings to the K-12 education market.


The PERPETUAL ONE-TO-ONE INITIATIVE is designed to offer technology assets to schools and districts at a steady scheduled payment stream. POTO includes the following services:


·         Supply of computer assets

·         Delivery to school location

·         Complete service and replacement warranty for the life of the assets

·         Guaranteed replacement rotation for the equipment

·         Removal, data sanitation and recycling of assets at end of life


Besides providing schools/districts with a perpetual and care-free solution it allows them to stretch their technology budget while they provide more computers to more students.


"By continuing to launch out of the box solutions that are in demand by schools/districts CDI is in a unique position to offer this risk free solution truly tailored to individual schools and districts,” said Saar Pikar, General Manager, CDI. “POTO is an easy way to create a win-win for our schools and their budget challenges. CDI is proud to provide for the technology needs of our teachers and students, and to support the overall district mission of providing a quality education to all students.”



About CDI

CDI is the largest distributor of recertified computer equipment in the world and our mission is to increase the availability of computers for students while dramatically reducing technology spending. Over 9,000 U.S. schools have already taken advantage of our industry leading service, longer-than-new warranty, brand name selection and customized financing. CDI’s 100% focus on education can help you far exceed your technology goals. For more information go to:




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