Principals Essentials, Inc. Launches a new series of Motivation Posters designed to improve student performance.

Scarsdale, NY, November 21, 2009 — Principals Essentials, Inc. is a motivation and creative design consultancy that creates innovative and effective incentive concepts through cleverly crafted messages for educators. The principle goal of these messages in poster format is to encourage Americas youth to get serious about their education by staying in school, doing their homework, improving academic performance and becoming more productive to benefit themselves, society and the nation as a whole.
Principals Essentials apply the same basic creative marketing strategies and techniques that are employed successfully by major firms to motivate their employees and sales personnel. A series of cleverly conceived and designed messages are used as daily reminders, which are strategically placed throughout the school to heighten interest and improve student performance.
Principal Essentials believes that filling student minds with positive reinforcement will help them to take their studies more seriously, stay in school and become better citizens and more productive members of society. Principals Essentials provide a full range of creative copy and design services for schools to utilize. Their services include: school identity programs, learning strategies, creating student, parent and teacher communications, environmental awareness and rewarding positive achievement. Their new poster series includes creative visual presentations reinforcing the benefits of class attendance, study encouragement, graduation/ anti drop-out messages, athleticism and healthy living, as well as drug use issues and pregnancy prevention. All can be used as produced or customized with school name or logotypes.
According to Mr. Lawrence, Outside of school a student is exposed to 750 advertising messages a day from the general media. They are bombarded with ads on TV, radio, and billboards and now even the Internet. While they are in school we must present them with messages extolling the many positive benefits of becoming serious about their education!

Principals Essentials was founded by Joe Lawrence. Joe’s successful career in international consumer marketing spans 20 years serving such prestigious clients like Proctor and Gamble, Richards and Vicks, Fuji, Omega and Maryknoll.
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