Pittsburgh, Pa., November 18, 2009 – Panopto, Inc., a leading provider of rich media presentation capture solutions for the corporate, education, government and healthcare markets, today announced that Ivy Tech Community CollegeNortheast, the Fort Wayne, Ind., region of the Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana system, is deploying CourseCast across its campus to provide students with multiple chances to review and learn important course material.
“Traditionally in the education arena, students have one chance to learn critical course material. They go to a lecture, take notes and move on, even if they do not fully understand the information,” said Andaz Ahmad, director of instructional technology who manages Instructional Technology, Distance Education for faculty/staff and Media Services, for Ivy TechNortheast. “With Panopto, students now have multiple chances to really master course objectives. They can revisit lectures at their convenience, zero in on segments of interest, and watch classes they may have missed due to an illness or other obligation.”
Ivy TechNortheast selected Panopto CourseCast as its lecture capture solution based on its ability to capture all facets of a lecture, including video, audio and PowerPoint slides.  By integrating all types of material into one digital recording, CourseCast allows students and faculty to review past lectures to increase student success as well as help professors evaluate their teaching styles.
Ivy TechNortheast noted that another selling point was Panopto’s ability to allow professors to record lectures from any location. Since Panopto can capture rich media lectures using just a simple Web cam, Ivy TechNortheast decided Panopto should be a critical component of the college’s pandemic H1N1 preparedness and disaster recovery plans, as it would allow classes to continue even in the case of a campus closure.
“Panopto is committed to increasing student achievement by helping students and faculty review and present critical information, even when they cannot physically be in the classroom,” said Brad Winney, chief executive officer of Panopto. “We are excited that Ivy TechNortheast has deployed Panopto CourseCast to increase student learning opportunities, improve faculty teaching styles and prepare its campus for absences from illnesses, campus closures and other unplanned events.”
After a competitive evaluation, Ivy TechNortheast chose CourseCast over leading lecture capture solutions due to its low total cost of ownership and ease of use, noting that recently it took less than 15 minutes of training for a new faculty member to begin recording high-quality rich media lectures.
Learn More – Ivy Tech Community College–Northeast Case Study
To learn more about how Panopto CourseCast is revolutionizing the way Ivy TechNortheast reaches out to its students, please view the entire case study at http://www.panopto.com/docs/IvyTech_CaseStudy.pdf.  
About Ivy Tech Community College
Ivy Tech Community College is the state’s largest public post-secondary institution and the nation’s largest singly-accredited statewide community college system with more than 130,000 students enrolled annually. Ivy Tech has campuses throughout Indiana. It serves as the state’s engine of workforce development, offering affordable degree programs and training that are aligned with the needs of its community along with courses and programs that transfer to other colleges and universities in Indiana. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association.

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Panopto, Inc. is a leading provider of media-rich knowledge casting and management solutions for the corporate, education, government and healthcare markets. Founded in 2007 by professors at Carnegie Mellon University, Panopto’s innovative solutions are the result of years of advanced research in scalable media systems that harness the advantages of today’s video, capture, stream, search and archival technologies. Its flagship product, CourseCast, is used by thousands of students across the globe, while its Panopto Hosted solutions provide users with a cost-effective option for streaming and recorded video capture. For additional information about Panopto and its comprehensive suite of video capture solutions, please visit www.panopto.com.