Two New Members Accepted into E-Rate Management Professionals Association

ADA, OKLA. (Nov. 16, 2009) – E-rate Management Professionals Association, Inc. (E-mpa™), an organization dedicated to promoting ethics in E-rate consulting, has formally accepted Clarity Solutions, Inc. and E-Rate Complete, LLC into its membership.

“These new members have demonstrated their dedication to quality and ethical practices in the E-rate program,” said John Harrington, E-mpa President and CEO of Funds For Learning, LLC.  “We are pleased to see that there is a continuing movement amongst E-rate consulting firms to establish high ethical standards in the field.”

As a requirement for acceptance in E-mpa, members must abide by a self-governing code of ethics that work to strengthen and support the E-rate program.  By maintaining high professional standards, developing and promoting best practices, and requiring ethical conduct for all members, E-mpa sets the standard in excellence and ethics in E-rate professional consulting.

“It is paramount for the schools, libraries and all of the stakeholders in the E-rate program that E-rate consulting firms not only abide by the federal and state regulations governing the program, but also govern themselves and their professional conduct,” said E-mpa Vice President and founder of E-Rate Central, Winston Himsworth.  “Client compliance in the program is our top priority, but it is also important to maintain high levels of integrity by making recommendations with the client’s best interests in mind.” 
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About E-mpa™
Established in 2008, E-mpa strives to strengthen and support the E-rate program by acting as a self-certifying body of E-rate consulting professionals.  E-mpa provides online resources to its diverse and experienced membership along with a forum for discussion and development of best practices in the management of the Universal Services Discount Mechanism for Schools and Libraries (E rate).  The organization provides a collective voice for discussing issues relevant to its members and proposed program changes to the E-rate program.  The talent and experience of the organization’s network of consultants provides a superior resource to help members increase value to their clients, enhance effectiveness of client organizations, and generally aid the advancement of its members and other organizations having related objectives.  E-mpa will also provide certification for E-rate consulting professionals that affirm quality standards of technical competence and professional conduct. For more information, please visit

About E-rate
The Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund, more commonly known as E-rate, is overseen by the Universal Service Administrative Company under the guidance of the Federal Communications Commission. The E-rate program provides discounts to assist schools and libraries in the United States in obtaining affordable telecommunication services and Internet access.

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For more information, contact:
–John Harrington, E-mpa, 405-471-0900
–Emily Embury, C. Blohm & Associates, Inc., 608-839-9806 or