Dukane Audio Visual to offer Coretronic products

Dukane Audio Visual (www.dukane.com/av) is expanding its DLP data projector line in partnership with Coretronic, the largest DLP projector manufacturer in the world. Dukane Audio Visual (St. Charles, IL.) currently offers a selection of more than 25 data projectors. The Dukane line includes portable and mounted products for classroom and boardroom use, a series of short throw projectors as well as its line of professional level projectors designed for auditoriums and larger venues.

Dukane’s partnership with Coretronic will be focused on expanding its DLP projector line. Dukane Audio Visual sells extensively to clients in education, business and the religious venue market. “It is our objective to offer our customers the most complete line of products possible. Partnership with a manufacturer the quality of Coretronic is key to our continued growth in our target markets,” says Jim Locascio, President of Dukane Audio Visual.

One of the first Coretronic products to be offered by Dukane will be a 2600 ANSI lumens projector with XGA (1024 X765) resolution, 3000:1 contrast ratio and RS-232 and RJ45 wireless connectivity. The new Dukane 8404 data projector features DLP technology by Texas Instruments to provide a bright, portable projector with remote control.

For more information on the Dukane partnership with Coretronic (http://www.coretronic.com), product imagery or other requests please contact Dukane Audio Visual at 1.866.280.4298.

Dukane Audio Visual is a division of Dukane Corporation, whose subsidiaries include Dukane Intelligent Assembly Solutions.

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