Announcing The Higher Ed Services Portal


Announcing The Higher Ed Services Portal
The Higher Ed Services Portal offers Higher Education executives a venue in which to conduct comprehensive research on thousands of products and services specific to the Higher Education marketplace while saving time and money.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, November 16, 2009
For those executives who see time as a barrier The Higher Education Services Portal might just be an ideal research tool. The Higher Education Services Portal was strategically designed to provide executive leadership with a free all-inclusive platform in which to conduct research and comparative analysis of thousands of products, services and companies specific to the higher education marketplace.
The portal has aggressive plans to list over 1,000 vendors with thousands products and services specific to the needs of higher education. “The portal will be an evolving tool over the next few years; we hope to continually improve our offering with the help of our user community and as vendor participation increases. What you see today should drastically improve quarter by quarter”, said David Smith, Vice President and investment partner.  With over 50 years experience in the higher education industry, our management team knows the value in connecting institutional executives with the right vendor in an expedient manner.  We believe this vendor neutral research platform is the answer to providing vendor product and service specific research needs to the Higher Education community.
In early 2009 the Portal will offer a monthly enews letter, executive forum, an RFP posting board, hosted webinars, white papers and a host of other free services to the members of the educational community.  If you wish to pre-subscribe to our monthly enews letter, email us at or visit us on our home page.