Purdue professor’s blog post sparks debate

A Purdue University professor has landed in hot water with students protesting his personal blog in a flap that has sparked a free-speech debate on campus, reports the Indianapolis Star. The blog in question is a conservative web page on which library science professor Bert Chapman posted an "economic case against homosexuality." Some have called for Chapman to resign or be fired for his Oct. 27 posting, which laid out an argument that the cost for AIDS research and treatment should factor into the national debate over the acceptance of gays and lesbians. But Purdue says it’s not going to interfere with a free-speech issue, and Chapman himself defends his blog. "There are many things on the internet that would be offensive to a lot of people but protected by the First Amendment," said Purdue spokeswoman Jeanne Norberg. "The best response is to speak up, which is exactly what our students and some faculty are doing."

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