Microsoft is working on a new product, due out next year, that will let multiple students work independently and simultaneously off a single PC, CNET reports. Although each student will have his or her own mouse, keyboard, and screen, the computation will be done by a single PC running a new version of Microsoft’s Windows Server operating system. The new product is being dubbed Windows Multipoint Server 2010. The approach is similar to one taken by NComputing, a company run by former e-Machines CEO Stephen Dukker. Former Windows executive Will Poole serves as co-chairman of NComputing, which sells Windows and Linux-based systems to schools and businesses. Multipoint Server can handle up to 10 different setups, each with its own keyboard, mouse, and monitor, and Microsoft hasn’t said what it will charge for the product, which is aimed only at schools. In an interview with CNET, Poole said NComputing was likely to be among the companies selling products based on Multipoint Server. The availability of the software option from Microsoft could bring more competition, Poole acknowledged, but he said there is enough demand for shared computing to support additional players in the market…

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