Microsoft’s Bing search service will pull more information and tools from other web sites as the company tries to distinguish itself as part of its challenge to market leader Google, reports the Associated Press. Microsoft, whose search engine ranks third behind those from Google and Yahoo, introduced several changes Nov. 11 aimed at answering people’s questions without sending them to an outside page. Microsoft will show on the results page more information on travel options, events and attractions in destination cities, in-depth weather reports, product details, and even hospital reviews. The software maker also has improved the preview window that pops up when a user rolls the mouse over a link. Instead of just a text description, a smaller, thumbnail image of the web site appears. In addition, Microsoft announced a partnership with WolframAlpha, which bills itself as a "computational knowledge engine." Now, when people type in certain types of information, including math problems and searches for nutritional information, Bing will use WolframAlpha’s data-crunching power to deliver answers at the top of the page, in addition to a list of regular search-results links…

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