Agilix Labs demonstrates BrainHoney at Virtual School Symposium

Austin, Texas – (November 12, 2009) – Virtual School Symposium BOOTH #7 – Agilix Labs, Inc. will be providing demonstrations of its newly released BrainHoney – an online learning platform designed for traditional, hybrid or virtual schools.

During the 2009, Virtual School Symposium (VSS), held November 15 through 17, BrainHoney will give teachers and administrators a chance to set up their own virtual high school for free in just five minutes.
“We want to show people how easy it is for any school to integrate 21st century technology into the traditional classroom,” said Dr. Mark Luetzelschwab, senior vice president of Agilix. “We also want to show teachers and administrators a more efficient, engaging and less-expensive alternative to an LMS.”
As the VSS grows in scale each year, so too does the number of K-12 students taking online courses.
Two million K-12 students are currently enrolled in some kind of online course,” said Dr. Luetzelschwab. “And that number is only going to increase over the next decade. The beauty of BrainHoney is that it gives teachers and administrators the ability toeasilyrun an entire class or just portions of it online. That’s the future of education.”
BrainHoney was built with both teachers and students in mind.
Teachers can easily assess individual student progress in real-time using an online gradebook, state-standards alignment, curriculum mapping, formative assessment and objective mastery charts, and assignment tracking.
Students can participate in online classroom discussions, access class and supplemental materials, complete online individual or group assignments and monitor their own progress.
In addition to providing a robust set of tools to enhance the learning experience, BrainHoney affords teachers and students an unparalleled degree of transparency throughout the learning process. Students can monitor their own progress online, while teachers provide individualized instruction to students who need it most.
“BrainHoney helps teachers know exactly how well each student is doing in each individual subject,” said Rebekah Richards, Principal and Chief Academic Officer of the American Academy – one of the most successful accredited virtual high schools in the world. “BrainHoney provides transparency into what’s really going on in a student’s education so that teachers can make data-driven decisions. That’s the Holy Grail of online education and of education in general.”
BrainHoney is free to all K-12 teachers in the United States. After signing up, any individual educator can simply select their school, choose the grade level(s) and subject(s) that they teach, drag and drop state standards or learning objectives onto their schedules and build their curriculum maps for the semester.
Schools and school districts can upgrade to the BrainHoney Suite, which offers schools a flexible and fully scalable solution to meet their unique educational and administrative needs.
About BrainHoney
Agilix Labs, Inc. is transforming education through BrainHoney, its personalized learning platform. It is the latest offering from the creative team that has delivered innovative educational solutions for nearly a decade, providing student-centered, objective-aligned learning that improves student achievement, increases teacher productivity, delivers administrative insight, and enables parental involvement. Based on an open technology architecture, BrainHoney is the only learning solution that works seamlessly across classroom, hybrid, and online environments. Agilix delivers its software applications to hundreds of thousands of users in countries worldwide. Founded in 2001 by the team that created Folio and, Agilix is based in Orem, Utah, USA. For more information please visit