ScholarCentric Selected for the Investors’ Circle 20


Colorado based ScholarCentric has been named one of the top 20 Most Impactful Companies by the Investors’ Circle. The organization focuses on providing capital to companies that address social and environmental issues and they selected ScholarCentric because they represent this growing trend towards social initiatives.


Recently, Investors’ Circle selected the top 20 most successful and impactful companies to receive funding since the founding of Investor’s Circle, and named ScholarCentric  among that elite group.  ScholarCentric’s flagship product, Success Highways, provides university researched assessment, curriculum, and professional development to K-12 schools to assist them in reducing the drop out rate by increasing the academic resiliency of their students.


In making the selection, Investors Circle utilized quantitative metrics, such as revenue, growth, and utility expenses as well as qualitative factors, such as investor and entrepreneur interviews.  The top 20 companies, also called the IC20, were selected from thousands of applicants and the subsequent 197 companies that have received funding from the Inventors’ Circle since 1992.  

 “These companies stand as shining examples of the potential of social enterprise, proving that a focus on sustainability and social impact need not compromise profitability and that socially responsible investment can result in substantial internal and external return,” Stated  Deb Parsons, Investors’ Circle Co-Director.


“Investors Circle has been a great investment partner for ScholarCentric in the fact that we are both exclusively engaged in bringing socially relevant solutions to the marketplace,” said Steven Weigler, President of ScholarCentric. “Accordingly, to be a member of the IC20 is quite an honor.”


Since 1992, the Investors’ Circle has facilitated the flow of more than $133 million into more than 200 companies. Companies funded by the Investors’ Circle have created more than 4,700 jobs and nearly 100% of companies report that all revenues are driven by the sale of socially or environmentally responsible products.

 About ScholarCentric

ScholarCentricis a K-12 educational publishing company focused on helping students stay in school and achieve academic success. The company’s flagship product, Success Highways, is an innovative, research-based combination of assessment, curriculum and professional development designed to help transition middle and high school students into the higher grades and develop the skills they need to learn the rigorous coursework required to achieve a high school diploma. With Success Highways, students stay in school, score higher on achievement tests, and prepare for future education. This innovative program is aligned with state standards and was developed from the results of 15 years of research at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee and a seven-year pilot program in an urban school district. For more information, visit