Recover Data has launched An Affordable Windows 7 Data Recovery Software & Tools

Mumbai, India, November 10, 2009 Recover Data has announced the release of its highly affordable and best performing Windows 7 Data Recovery software.

Sometimes, Windows Operating System crashes resulting in the loss of some important documents which can create a severe and fatal affect on the business processes of the users. Recover Data has come up with a solution for this problem. It has launched a software for Windows 7 file recovery in affordable prices. Recover Data for Windows 7 Data Recovery software has been called a perfect and ideal data recovery tool which will enable the users to recover deleted files from Windows 7 Operating System. The software is fully capable to recover lost data from deleted, formatted, corrupt, re-created partitions. It recovers deleted files effectively with the help of four data recovery modes including Desktop Recovery, Raw Recovery, Image Recovery and Remote Recovery. It recovers the files lost or deleted due to partition damage because of virus attack, Windows corruption because of file deletion, partition table corruption or damage, files and folders not readable, formatting or re-formatting of Windows partitions or accidental deletion of file and folders.

The company also gives free trial version of the software which is fully functional. It allows previewing of the recovered data but restricts the file saving option. The recovered data can be viewed and analyzed but cannot be saved. To save the recovered results, Full version of the data recovery software is available.

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