Mich. bill pushes ‘green’ lessons for new drivers

Is it environmental awareness or political correctness? That’s the question swirling around a bill recently introduced in the Michigan House that would require driver’s education programs to propagate environmental doctrines to new drivers, reports the Detroit News. State Rep. Bert Johnson, D-Detroit, introduced the bill last month that would require driver’s ed programs to promote a number of "green" lessons, including the importance of carpooling and using public transportation; the benefits of fuel-efficient vehicles; how to maximize vehicle economy through maintenance and driving techniques; and the recycling of fluids and parts. Pam Morse, owner of Champion Driving School, said she was floored by the bill. "The important thing is to learn how to drive safely, so what does ‘being green’ have to do with anything?" asked Morse, who operates driving schools in Ann Arbor, Livonia, Ypsilanti and Saline. "Plus, driving schools would have to absorb the cost of this bill. This smacks of political correctness." Johnson chuckled at the thought. "If it smacks of anything, it’s common sense," he said. "The idea is the creation of smarter young people operating a vehicle. … I think giving them this type of information will help them to make better decisions."

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