When report cards went out for students in the Clarksville-Montgomery County school district in Tennessee last month, most of the 29,000-plus students did not have a printed version for their parents to sign. That’s because the district went largely paperless with its report cards for the first time, making grades available to parents with secure accounts online, USA Today reports. A growing number of districts nationwide are making the change, says Ann Flynn, director of education technology with the National School Boards Association. Although Flynn could not say how many other districts are doing it, she says those making the change "are no longer the exception. They are becoming the rule." Marion Mellar, who has two children in the Clarksville-Montgomery district, says she likes the idea because she doesn’t have to "rely on my children to bring them to me." A district spokeswoman said paper copies of report cards will remain available for those without computers–about 11 percent of the district’s households, according to a 2008 survey. Other districts also are making that accommodation…

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