Georgia started offering virtual courses in 2005 because some schools, especially rural ones, couldn’t offer many Advanced Placement or specialty courses, which left motivated students at a disadvantage. Since then, participation in the state’s virtual school program has grown considerably, although some school systems are still hesitant to use it, reports the Macon Telegraph. About 1,600 students statewide enrolled in a virtual course in the 2005-06 school year. By 2008-09, that total had increased to about 4,800 students taking one of the 134 courses offered. "Schools have discovered the options and opportunities Georgia Virtual School can provide their students," said Matt Cardoza, spokesman for the Georgia Department of Education. While each school has an assigned "virtual facilitator"–usually counselors or administrators–those workers already have a hectic job. "Some [schools] have simply decided not to promote the program because it creates more work for them to do," Cardoza said. In all, more than 9,000 of the state’s students have taken a virtual course, and the state expects the figure to grow substantially…

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