Find Their Mr Darcy!

If Romance is their thing, then look no further than the Jane Austen classic, Pride and Prejudice. The characters from the book have long been adored by women everywhere, Elizabeth Bennet in particular with her tumultuous relationship with the mysterious Mr. Darcy. If your search for a Mr Darcy has been somewhat unsuccessful, why not have for the real thing…?

GettingPersonal has added Pride and Prejudice – Personalised Classic Book to their amazing range of personalised classic books. You can personalise up to 5 of the characters names in the book and change them to the names of people you know and love. The classic story will stay the same, but your chosen names will now represent the main characters. (We understand if Mr. Darcy remains unchanged!)

You can also personalise the front cover to show yourself, or your recipient as the co-author, e.g. ‘By Jane Austen…And ANY NAME’. The Gift pack comes with a character list with descriptions so you can make your choice wisely! Write your own personalised dedication for inside the front and voila! 14-28 days later you will receive your own personalised classic – first edition!

Not only do we have an Austen classic love story; our personalised classic books range also includes Shakespeare’s famous work… Pride and Prejudice.

Available for only 19.95 our Pride and Prejudice – Personalised Classic Book is just one of many fun and unique stories on offer. Items are usually dispatched within 24 hours and can be delivered free of charge when 30 or more is spent in one transaction. Why not check out our full range of gifts, many personalised with a message of your choice.

Go on – make them the star of their favourite story!

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