Law school won’t report illegal downloaders after all

Brooklyn Law School officials have reversed an earlier decision to release the names to copyright holders of students found downloading copyright-protected material and instead will issue cease-and-desist letters to the offenders, Above the Law reports. On Oct. 28, the school sent its students a memo saying its internet provider had warned that illegal downloading was taking place over its wireless network. The memo reportedly said that school officials were "ascertaining who is doing" the downloading, and once they had the names, they would turn this information over to the copyright holders "for enforcement purposes." But after reviewing the requirements of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, the school informed students the following day that when it is able to identify the offending individuals, it will "notify them to cease such activity." In complying with the DMCA, the school reasoned, "[W]e are not obligated to turn over the names of the alleged infringers to copyright holders and will not do so."

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