T+L speaker reveals keys to innovation

“You will not know what ideas will work or not, so reserve resources for many trials,” he said. “Passion maximizes the chance for success. Your ideas may fail, so you’re going to have to keep trying. And encourage your students to explore interesting idea combinations on their own.”

During the opening general session, NSBA Executive Director Anne L. Bryant spotlighted two students from Gardner Edgerton High School in Kansas for their achievements as part of the Junior Engineering Technical Society.

The Gardner-Edgerton students were Best Overall Design winners in the National Engineering Design Competition for “BART,” which stands for Bag Attachment and Replacement Technology. The compound device allows a user to change and tie a trash bag with only one hand and consists of three main components: a cylindrical dispenser for trash bags, a clip that holds the trash bag in place on the trash can, and a tying mechanism.

NSBA Director of Education Technology Anne Flynn also recognized Jefferson County Public Schools in Colorado as one of three districts selected as a Technology Leadership Network (TLN) Salute District. Jefferson County was selected for developing a comprehensive Digital Professional Development initiative, which blends the best research on professional development with new technology tools that provide educators with online courses, site-based support from teacher-librarians, and district-wide digital Professional Learning Communities.


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