A state audit has revealed flaws in the University of Maryland’s computer and wireless networks that make them vulnerable to hackers who could access sensitive personal information, reports the Diamondback. But the Office of Information Technology, which is responsible for protecting the networks, defended its work and called the results an improvement over earlier audits. Jeffrey Huskamp, OIT’s vice president and chief information officer, played down the risks and said he was "very pleased with the trajectory that we’re on." In some instances, hacking would be easy, the audit said. For example, it noted people could access the wireless network in an unsecured mode. The audit also found that the firewall protecting the mainframe computer wasn’t set up to log all activity or alert network administrators to problems. Security logs weren’t regularly reviewed, and when they were, it wasn’t documented. In a written response to the audit, the university agreed to fix all the security problems by June 2010…

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