Twitter Inc. is selling the rights to mine its communications hotbed to both Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. in dueling deals that underscore the growing importance of being able to show what’s on people’s minds at any given moment, reports the Associated Press. Neither Microsoft nor Google would disclose how much it is paying for the rights to index the millions of public updates distributed by Twitter each day, but Microsoft has a head start in blending Twitter’s feed into the search results for Bing, its search engine. A test version of Bing’s Twitter feature debuted Oct. 21 shortly after the announcement. Google still isn’t indexing and displaying all the tweets, although that will happen soon, said Google executive Marissa Mayer. In a bit of related news, Microsoft will offer another way to probe into the collective mindset of web users by indexing a portion of the personal updates posted on Facebook, an online hangout with more than 300 million active users around the world. That’s about six times the size of Twitter’s global audience, but more Facebook users restrict who can see their updates than Twitter users do; Facebook is only giving Bing access to the updates that its users choose to share with everyone. Palo Alto-based Facebook already has a business relationship with Microsoft, which provides Facebook’s search results…

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