The head of Google believes an internet where Chinese is the dominant language, and connections are so fast that distinctions between audio, video, and text are blurred, is perhaps just five years away, reports the Associated Press. Eric Schmidt, chairman and CEO of Google Inc., spoke to about 5,000 chief information officers and information technology executives for a technology conference in Orlando Oct. 21. Teens today consume information much differently on the web and are able to juggle various forms of information seamlessly, Schmidt told attendees. Streams of information will increase as connections grow faster, he added, and if web surfers feel as if they are drowning in information, it is because a fundamental shift is occurring toward user-generated content. The success of sites like Facebook and Twitter are examples of this shift, he said. The problem, of course, is how to organize all the information. It is the fundamental problem facing Google, which is built on a web search engine that trolls for information, gathers it, and ranks it for users. Schmidt asked rhetorically how, for instance, Google might be able to rank a user’s individual tweets…

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