The formal ratification of the 802.11n wireless standard last month, with its throughput speeds of 150-plus megabits of data per second, has opened the floodgates on wireless equipment that can be used to connect college campuses and other outdoor areas, Computerworld reports. Following Ruckus Wireless’ announcement of a $1,999 outdoor 802.11n mesh access point (AP) and Proxim Wireless launching high-speed backhaul bridges in July, Motorola and Trapeze Networks introduced outdoor mesh dual-radio 802.11n APs earlier this month. Motorola’s $4,899 AP-7181, which will ship by December, is targeted largely at the company’s existing municipality and public-safety customers who want to run wireless automated meter reading, intelligent traffic monitoring, wireless video security, and in-vehicle applications. Trapeze Networks sees its $3,995 MP-632 as being used for extending enterprise, university, and government networks outdoors. It can operate in AP or bridge mode, according to the company…

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