Book sellers are making the case that people are reading more because of eBooks, reports the New York Times. If the claims are true, that’s good news for education and also for the publishing industry, which has fallen upon hard times., for example, says that people with Kindles now buy 3.1 times as many books as they did before owning the device. And Sony says its eBook customers download an average of eight books a month from its online library. That’s far more than the approximately 6.7 books the average American book buyer purchased for the entire year in 2008, according to Bowker, a publishing industry tracking firm. The book-buying numbers at Amazon and Sony might not really indicate a new interest in reading; owners of eBook devices tend to be among the most passionate book buyers, so their behavior might not be reflective of the overall market. Still, fans of eBook reading devices suggest that the convenience of using these products has created a greater interest in reading…

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