A student at Kent State University discovered his school’s policy on wireless routers the hard way, reports the Daily Kent Stater — he had his internet access shut off. The student, identified only as "Andrew," wanted to make life easier by installing a wireless router in his dorm room, but found his internet access was shut off without any explanation. When he contacted the school’s IT department, he learned that "rogue" wireless routers aren’t allowed in the residence halls on campus. If a student’s own wireless router is discovered in a room through network monitoring, the port will be disabled, preventing online access. In prepared statements, IT officials said the use of wireless routers in dorm rooms has the potential to interfere not only with the university’s current wireless network, but also with cordless phones and a building’s network connections, preventing other students from successfully connecting to the network. But Andrew says that no one told him about the policy, and he wasn’t warned that his internet access would be shut off. Now, his access has been restored, but he continues to use his wireless router…

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