There might be a happy ending after all for owners of Sidekick phones who thought they might have permanently lost contact numbers and other personal information they had put on the gadget, reports the Associated Press. Last week, T-Mobile said information stored by many Sidekick owners was "almost certainly" gone for good following a failure of the computers that remotely stored the data. But Microsoft Corp., whose Danger Inc. subsidiary makes the phones that are sold through T-Mobile USA, on Oct. 15 said it recovered "most, if not all" of the missing data and will restore them as soon as it validates the information. In an open letter to Sidekick customers, Microsoft said it would "work around the clock to restore data to all affected users, including calendar, notes, tasks, photographs, and high scores, as quickly as possible." The company added that it believes a "minority" of Sidekick owners were hurt by the loss of data. The data disappearance led several customers to file lawsuits, including Maureen Thompson, who claimed the data on her daughter’s Sidekick had been lost. The Snellville, Ga., resident is asking for unspecified damages in her lawsuit, which seeks class-action status to cover all affected customers…

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