Like many UC Davis students, Tim Kerbavaz mostly gets around town by bike or bus. He doesn’t have a car and is too young to rent one. But sometimes, Kerbavaz could really use a set of wheels — and now that a car-sharing program is operating at UC Davis, Kerbavaz can drive when he wants to, reports the Sacramento Bee. The campus is among a growing number of universities across the country that have launched a partnership with ZipCar. Joining the car-share was easy, Kerbavaz said. He paid $35 for a membership and gave some basic personal information. In return, he got an electronic card that allows him entry to a ZipCar during a time slot that he’s reserved in advance. When he takes the car on a weekend, he pays $9 an hour or $72 a day–gas, insurance, and maintenance included. ZipCar is betting that lots of college students who don’t have cars would like that kind of independence; it now offers its service on about 140 college campuses nationwide. The benefits for the company are obvious, but universities benefit from the relationship, too, said Cliff Contreras, director of transportation and parking services at UC Davis. The school spends a lot of money building parking spaces–$6,000 per spot on an open lot, and $25,000 for each one in a parking structure. If students and university employees share ZipCars instead of bringing their own to campus, UC Davis won’t have to build so many parking spaces in the future…

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