New Absolute Poker Promotional Code Released

Promotional Code Offers Players Referral, Deposit Bonuses

The popular online poker site Absolute Poker has announced the release of its latest promotional code, according to the

insider online poker site Ruff Poker. The code will entitle players to deposit bonuses of 100% for deposits of up to $500,

meaning that Absolute Poker will match the entire amount of player deposits up to and including this amount, a move which is

extremely generous by the standards of the online poker industry and is sure to attract many new players to this already

popular online poker venue.

Ruff Poker’s Dave Thomas, reached for comment told us "Is this particular promotional code a bold move? Absolutely – but it’s

not out of line with what people have come to expect from Absolute Poker. Since this happens to be one of my personal

favorites as far as poker sites are concerned, I wanted to publicize the new promotional code on my site and make sure that

online players as well as people who have been considering getting into online poker are aware of the promotion."

Absolute Poker’s release of this promotional code with its exceptionally large matching deposit amount seems well timed,

coinciding as it does with the imminent arrival of autumn, when cooler temperatures will keep many of us indoors a little

more; and of course, free to play a few hands of poker online. As Dave Thomas from Ruff Poker says, the move also seems

tailor made to encourage new players who have been on the fence about online play to make the next step and sign on with

Absolute Poker, something Thomas sees as both likely and as a welcome development.

"Since I’m a player myself, I appreciate the effort Absolute Poker is making to get new players involved; I say the more the

merrier. I’m not just an industry insider of sorts, I’m a diehard poker nut and part of the reason I started Ruff Poker in

the first place was to encourage more people to play. One thing I should mention about this promotional code though is what

Absolute Poker themselves told me, which is when signing up at Absolute Poker, make sure to use the Absolute Poker

Promotional Code: FLOP123."

FLOP123. That’s the magic words which Absolute Poker is counting on to swell its ranks of online poker enthusiasts – of

course, it’s not the actual code so much as the bonuses it represents, which according to Thomas and others who watch the

industry closely, seem very likely to generate a lot of interest in the site.

For more information on Absolute Poker’s new promotional code and on the online poker world, please visit:  Absolute Poker


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