College’s staff is all thumbs — and proud of It

A new study has confirmed what George Washington University students already knew: Their school officials are obsessive Twitterers, according to a Washington Post report. About 58 times a day, some university staff member sends a message in 140 characters or less, telling students about free depression screenings or flu shots, Foggy Bottom Metro closures, grant application due dates and upcoming lectures ("Jeb Bush coming to campus? You bet!"). Then last week, amid the dozens of GWU-sanctioned tweets, came this one from @GWTweets: "GW named most active college for Twitter use!" Although Twitter has gained popularity in recent months, it has yet to break into the text-message-crazed teenage and college crowd, according to comScore, a marketing research company that measures online audience numbers. GWU might be an exception, its official Twitter scribes say, citing a growth in the number of active student accounts since spring.

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