After eight years of light antitrust scrutiny under a Republican White House, the technology and telecommunications industries are bracing for stepped up oversight by the Obama administration’s Justice Department, reports the Associated Press. Christine Varney, the head of the department’s antitrust division, vowed in a May speech that her office will take a tough look at potential abuses of market power across some of the nation’s biggest industries, including high tech and telecom. Now, the government is putting out feelers to determine whether one industry giant, IBM Corp., has exploited its dominant position in the market for massive data-processing computers known as mainframes. In scrutinizing the technology and telecom industries, antitrust enforcers have a huge market to examine. They are expected to look at everything from consolidation in the wireless sector to Google’s ever-expanding clout on the internet. The challenge facing the Justice Department is to figure out how to apply antitrust principles to an industry that is evolving so quickly, with companies constantly moving into each other’s territory…

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