In a never-ending battle against hackers, the head of information technology at UNC Chapel Hill has a message for campus workers, reports the Charlotte Observer: Take ownership of your computer. That’s a core theme of a new policy Vice Chancellor Larry Conrad is trumpeting on a campus where 80,000 computers and other electronic devices tap into the campus network. While it won’t solve all of UNC’s network security problems, Conrad points to one piece of his proposed policy as an example of its larger philosophy: Employees with computers must keep their virus software and security patches up to date, just as they would for their personal computers. "The practical reality is that information security is an afterthought for a lot of people," Conrad said. "It gets in the way. But it’s a risk-management issue." Many workers may simply not know they’re expected to keep such security updates current, so part of Conrad’s new initiative is a campaign to educate workers. Conrad, who will discuss his new proposal with faculty this week, wants clear, easy-to-read security guidelines that employees can understand, because on a campus as large as UNC, the technology office cannot be the sole security cop, he said…

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